Tips how to save money by preparing

In order to make a move as economical as possible we suggest that our customers do their own pre-move packing.
Do we have a long walk and/or lots of stairs from your door to the van or truck? Keep the hallways and entrance clear.
Have you notified you building manager/body corporate of the move and reserved a lift?
Try to have everything packed away, or taken apart before we get there, it will make the move faster (and cheaper).

    A few helpful reminders:

  • Mirrors, framed pictures and the like should be wrapped with cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Put heavy items in smaller boxes (books, files, magazines and such).
  • Firmly close the top of each box, avoid overloading them.
  • Wrap or pack anything that can be easily scratched or damaged in blankets or bubble wrap.
  • Box up everything possible, tape the boxes top & bottom - no open lids!
  • Bubble wrap any paintings, TV's, table legs, fragile or precious furniture.
  • Don't water your plants the day before the move; wrap the pots in plastic bags and put them in a box if possible
No responsibility will be taken for glass items not properly packed. Terms and conditions apply

    Some useful links and information:

  • New Address - The easy way to change address details with Ireland's leading companies, An online service that will help you to change your addresses in bulk
  • How to change your address with UPC - UPC Customer Care Phone 1890 940 140
  • Change your address with Bordgais - Just complete their enquiry form, or give them a ring 1850 632 632
  • Eircom - To change your address with Eircom, you'll need written confirmation, in the form of email, letter or fax, from the account holder.
  • Airtricity - To change your address with Airtricity, just get in touch with them by 1850 81 22 20.

If required, we can provide cartons and packing materials to you for this purpose see - Packing Kits and Packing Supplies.